FITPA is the only professional and industry recognized association for the forestry training fraternity.


To provide the South African forest industry with excellent quality accredited vocational training.


The Forest Industry Training Providers Association of South Africa is an inclusive, voluntary body. We aim to serve Forestry and related industries in an ethical and sustainable manner in order to ensure quality accredited training. We will work in partnership with FP&M SETA and the Industry for the upliftment and empowerment of all stakeholders.


FITPA Values include:


Responsible and Ethical practice


Code of Ethics

The FITPA code of ethics is still under development.

FITPA Executive

Deon Brits Jr


Deon was born and bred in the Forestry Industry. Completed his N- Dip in Forestry on the Saasveld Limited Attendance Course. Actively involved in forestry training since 2006. Manager and co-owner of Lottenburg Edu-Farm.

Ashley Diack


After starting off as a “Learner Estate Superintendent/Forester” with the Natal Tanning Extract Company in 1975, Ashley moved through the ranks, working first on the estates as an Estate Manager and a Fleet Controller – and subsequently being transferred to the company training centre, where he took up an appointment as an Assistant Training Officer.

Ashley later started his own training business – one which has achieved recognition as one of the foremost training providers in the forestry industry. Since the inception of this business (in 2006) Ashley has been accredited as an assessor and a moderator with the FP&M SETA, and is also a qualified and accredited skills development facilitator.

Keren Biggs


Since 2012, Keren Biggs has been involved in the forestry industry through training.  At home with LESH (Legal Environment safety & Health Requirements) she is a qualified Facilitator, Assessor and Moderator.  She has a passion for the development of people and in this always changing industry, she strives to encourage change and adaptability in those wanting to remain with the industry leaders and innovators.

Peron Makay

Mpumalanga Region

Liaan van Aardt

KZN Region

Bert Van Der Toon

Cape Region