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    Tips To Make Your Candle Last Longer

    At Inner Fire, we believe that candles can fix just about everything. In a bad mood? Light a sweet vanilla-scented candle. Feeling stressed? Light a green tea-scented candle. Want to add a warm glow to a romantic dinner? Simply light a beautiful tealight candle! Candles can never fail to make you feel better or add a lovely ambiance to your home. And if you have found your absolute favorite candle or have spent money on a luxury candle then you would want to enjoy the warm glow and fragrance as long as possible.

    As candlemakers, we thought why not share some tips and tricks with you guys to make that favorite candle of yours last longer. So, say goodbye to black smoke, weirdly-shaped wicks, wax stuck on the inside of the jar, or those soot stains on the jar! Simply follow these dos and donÕts of candle burning to make candles last longer.

    1. Choose Your Candle Size Wisely

    While buying a candle, people usually focus on the fragrance or wax and donÕt really think about the size of the candle in terms of the room. But the size can make all the difference to the scent throw.

    Say, for example, your house has cathedral ceilings and you lit a 4-ounce candle, then it wonÕt be able to throw the scent well. The same goes for smaller rooms Ð ideally, you wouldnÕt want to overpower your bathroom with too much fragrance using a large candle. Tealights work just fine for smaller rooms or bathrooms. Choosing the right sized candle can help throw scent better and keep that beautiful fragrance lingering around longer.

    2. Make Sure To Trim The Wick Regularly

    We canÕt emphasize this one enough! Trim, trim, and trim those wicks regularly, if you want to make candles last longer. A big wick means a big flame Ð a big flame will burn out your candle faster, leaving behind soot marks on your container. So, make sure to trim the wick to 1/4-inch or simply just the tip of the wick before each burn to make candles burn longer. This will also ensure a clean burn.

    In fact, trimming the wick is recommended every four hours while burning. Once you blow out the flame, let the candle cool down and come to room temperature. Then use a candle wick trimmer to trim the wick before relighting it again. Also, reposition the wick to the center when the wax is still slightly soft, this will prevent soot stains on the jar.

    3. Avoid Drafty Areas

    Fans, ACs, or open windows can cause the candle flame to fling around or burn unevenly. Always make sure to place your candles away from those drafty areas in your house. This will make candles burn longer. Yes, that citronella candle may look wonderful by the window, but thatÕs just going to make it burn unevenly and reduce its life.

    4. Burn Your Candle Long Enough The First Time

    This is one mistake we all tend to do Ð Not burning the candle long enough the first time. To make your candles last as long as possible, make sure you burn them for at least 3 to 4 hours the first time you burn them. This allows the top layer of wax to melt completely and in turn ensuring an even burn the next time you lit the candle.

    Candle experts believe that wax has a memory and it burns in the same pattern every time. So, if
    soy wax singapore light your candle long enough the first time you are basically setting it up for an even burn every time.

    5. Check On That Burn Time

    Who doesn’t love the soothing fragrance of a rose- or lavender-scented candle lingering around at home? But it is recommended to cap your burn time at 4 hours for safety reasons (there have been instances of candles exploding) as well as to avoid candle tunneling.

    When you start burning candles for shorter periods, you will notice how long they last. But if you are anything like me and love having a candlelit all the time then you can do what I do. Simply alternate between candles Ð so while one is cooling off you can relight a different one. This will ensure safety and at the same time will allow you to have that warm glow going on all day!

    6. Have A Cooling Off Period

    Once you have blown out your candle, it can take anywhere between 2 to 3 hours to cool completely. This is called the cooling-off period for candles. And this time is very very important. Relighting your candle before it has cooled completely will leave you with uneven wax. Also, it’s much safer to trim your wick when the wax has cooled, or else you might burn your finger in a hot pool of wax.

    We hope these tips and ideas help you hold on to that favorite scented candle of yours for as long as possible. And in case you are looking for some beautiful candles, you can check out the amazing collection of coconut wax candles at Inner Fire.