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    Wholesale manufactured more virgin extra virgin olive oil, green & kalamata olives, bee honey…

    Using the name “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” we go to close off the best quality and purity in numerous Greek products, which we intend to export to a number of nations all over the world.

    Greece can be a land having a very long tradition and history in excellent quality raw materials, and also extraordinary and unique local products, which is the foundation and the biggest reason for the creation of the Mediterranean diet program. An eating plan which is constantly growing around the world, because the best diet program one could adhere to.

    Our objective and our perspective is to accumulate the most effective products made on Hellenic Territory, together with the properly chosen partners from every single corner of Greece, who try to create top quality products.

    Hence, we shall help small and huge Greek producers, while concurrently funnel potential customers in every region of the world, wherever they might be.

    A few of the principal products that you will discover with us, are pure virgin and additional virgin olive oil, olives of various types and sizes, Thyme honey such as kinds with herbal treatments and naturally quite a few assortment of products seen on our website.

    “KAPA CRETE ENTERPRISES” exports products only as wholesale, with shipping and delivery possible from one pallet, to as much storage containers as you want. We succeed in work asit provides greatest results, within the products and for the client consistently pleased.

    We have been probably the most qualified spouse a business may have in Greece. Think about you?

    Our company offers top quality services, exporting leading products to several countries around the world worldwide. If you want to have the best quality products and partners, then we are the partner you are looking for.

    Top Quality: One of the low-flexible stuff in each and every new cooperation we all do, is definitely the needed high quality from the products we decide to export, to varied nations worldwide.

    Proper Product packaging: Because we want them to always reach our customer safely, but at the same time to be elegant so that they can be resold, we pay a lot of attention to the packaging of the products.

    Delivery By The Due Date: Yet another major concern of our own company is the right collaboration with all kinds of move firms, which we use to the delivery of our own products, in what ever region their location is.

    Warranty For Every One Of Our Services: Because we control all the stages from the production of the products carried out by our partners, to the excellent quality we want to go to standardization of the products, but also the proper management and delivery to our customers, all this makes us can guarantee for our impeccable services.

    For People Like Us No Buyer Is Modest: To the organization "KAPA Crete Enterprises" we all do not think about any consumer little, all clients are evenly important to us, regardless of how modest or how large a person is. According to each means of transport that exists, as long as it presupposes security and speed in the delivery and transport of our products, we export the quantity.

    We May Just Like You To Not Forget: If you are looking for a product that you may not have seen in our site, remember that we can do research throughout Greece on your behalf and we look to find the best product for the type you are looking for.

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