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    9 Easy Facts About Wide Plank Engineered Hardwood Flooring – Blue Ridge Floors ShownEngineered plank wood floors can be installed successfully on, above, or listed below grade level. Engineered slab flooring should be set up perpendicular to the joists, or on a diagonal for any single layer subfloor. (See NWFA Setup Guidelines for exceptions to this guideline.) Make sure the ecological conditions (temperature and humidity) of the area and the moisture material of the substrate accompany the manufacturer’s requirements for the flooring going in.As a basic rule, the engineered floor covering product density determines the growth area left around the boundary and at all vertical obstructions. Engineered floor covering can shrink/swell both in width and length, so expansion is critical in all directions. To minimize growth on floors broader than 20′, use of t-molding or other shift pieces advised by the flooring manufacturer may be needed, depending on geographical area, interior environment control, and time of the year. Wide Plank Hardwood Floors: Old Meets New For glue-down engineered plank over concrete: Moisture control systems are constantly strongly suggested. Use Purparket Hardwood approved by the flooring manufacturer. Follow the setup treatment recommended by the adhesive producer, that includes subfloor wetness test techniques and limits, spread out rate, trowel size, open time, working time, flash time, usage of rollers, and use of tensioners/tape as needed.Wide plank flooring: Gandswoodfloors Fundamentals ExplainedUse the proper fastener and a nail gun required by the flooring producer. Normal fasteners utilized for engineered flooring are narrow crowned (under 3/8″) 1 1-1/2″ staples or 1 1-1/4″ hardwood flooring cleats, spaced every 3 4″ with staples, every 4 6″ with cleats, and within 1 2″ of end joints. Why Wide-Plank Hardwood Flooring Still Remains a Favorite Flooring Choice… Floating crafted slab: Subfloor flatness and boundary expansion are vital to the success of a drifting flooring. Install a vapor retarder or durable pad underlayment as directed by the flooring maker. Drifting slab crafted flooring is normally edge-glued or edge-attached with a self-locking system. (For edge-glued items, utilize an adhesive authorized by the floor covering producer.) Border expansion area at all vertical blockages is critical.It is also needed to utilize t-molding or other shift pieces throughout a drifted flooring setup. As a general rule of thumb when racking plank floor covering follow these guidelines: In general, try to stagger as much as possible with very little or no H joints and no stair-stepping patterns with plank floorings.