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    Insulated metal sandwich panels for walls
    Sandwich panel
    Easily Installation and construction: wall panel produce according the construction requirements, length is customized, with is fixed. The installation of PU sandwich panel are beautiful and neat.
    Saving cost and building time, the panel could reuse many times. Construction and installation of PU sandwich panel are flexible and convenient, comprehensive benefits are very significant.
    Good fire resistance; core material is B1 grade material, self-extinguishing, will not melt when burning, low smoke content, no high temperature decomposition of drip.
    Wide operating temperature range: Core use temperature between -180 ℃ ~ +120 ℃. n the low temperature or even lower environment when used to shrink small, not brittle, It’s ideal insulating materials for cold storage.
    Good insulation effect: Thermal conductivity less than 0.021, good insulation performance it’s energy saving and environmental protection materials
    Waterproof and moisture proof: the core material is organic polymer foam, the structure is closed-type, it has good water absorption and water vapor permeability, water absorption ≤ 3%, No insects Not weathered.

    The roof panel is composed of two galvanized stee sheets and rigid polyurethane foam in the middle. Because the polyurethane cold room panel has several outstanding advantages, such as thermal insulation, waterproof, light weight and fast installation, It has been widely used as the building material of cold storages, cool rooms, clean rooms, free-dust workshops and exterior walls in cold places.

    Temperature range of workshop panel: -40º C ~ + 20º C are all available
    Functions: Fresh-keep, freezing, quick-freezing, fire-proof, explosion-proof, air-conditioning are all available
    Good performance, low noise and high reliability
    World renowned brand refrigeration accessories, guarantee long use cycle.
    The automatic high precision digital controller is easy to operate with high efficiency…
    Adjustable indoor temperature saves up to 30% electricity.

    Cold storage temperature: -5 º C ~ + 10 º C
    Freezer storage temperature: -25 º C ~ + 18 º C
    Quick-frozen storage temperature: -40 º C ~ + 18 º C
    The Constant temperature: Customer’s request
    Storage of produce: Customer’s request

    Condensing unit: Bitzer, Copeland, Maneurop
    Evaporator: KELTESS air cooler.
    Insulation Panel: PU, XPS.
    Other accessories: World-famous brands, like Danfoss
    High quality steel: S250GD – S280GD+Z275; stainless steel (1.4301)
    Core made of rigid polyurethane foam: density 40 (+/-3) kg/m³, hard mineral wool 110 kg/m³ or self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene with improved strength properties – density 16,2 kg/m³
    FIRESAFE – the best fire-tightness parameter on the market achieved thanks to unique, both-sided shape of the panel-and-lock joint EI240 for BALEXTHERM-MW-W-ST, EI60 for BALEXTHERM-MW-W-PLUS, E30 for BALEXTHERM-PU-W-PLUS and PWD, E60 for BALEXTHERM-PU-W-ST and PWS, and for BALEXTHERM-PU-R even RE60; product classified as, NRO”–, Not spreading fire”
    SUPERIOR GASKET – maximum tightness of the joint and easier assembly of BALEXTHERM-MW mineral wool core sandwich panels owing to application during the production process of an EPDM gasket in internal or both sides of the joint – NEW!
    Galvanized steel and additional coatings provide solid protection against corrosion
    Eco-friendly freon free production process – prevents ozone layer from destruction
    Proper technical approvals and certificatesChina Roof And Wall Panel suppliers