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    Thermosetting Acrylic Resin WQ-SE3668(low temperature energy-saving baking Varnish Resin)
    Technical Index
    Composition:acrylic copolymer
    Appearance:clear transparent
    Colour No.(Fe-Co):≤1
    Viscosity pa.s/25℃:2-5
    Non-Volatile Matters%:60±2
    Acid Value,mgKOH/g:8-12
    Compatibility and solubility
    Note:+shows soluble/compatible,O show partial soluble/compatible,and–show unsoluble/incompatible.
    Reference Formula
    Over printing varnishThinner
    Amino resin22.0TOL35
    Process conditions
    ● Baking:at 90℃for 30min
    ● Base material:galvanized plate,emery board tinplate
    Technical Index
    ItemTest MethodStandardTypical valueTest Result
    (Reference Value)
    HardnessPencil scratchGB/T6739-96≥2H2H
    Gloss60 degreeGB/T9754-88≥8092
    AdhesionThe case methodGB/T9286-98100%100%
    Alcohol resistanceWiping method——120times(500g)130times(25µm)
    ImpactImpact methodGBT1732-93≥30kgNaN875px(25µm)
    FlexibilityBending methodGB/T1732-93≥2mm2mm
    Water boiling resistanceBoiling water—–No color change,bubble and peeling>65min
    Salt fog resistanceNeutral salt fog
    GB/T1771-91Not more than 3 mm at a single side72h
    Acid resistanceSoaking methodGB/T9274-8824h,10%H2SO4
    No bubble,peeling and color changePassed
    Alkaline resistanceSoaking methodGB/T9274-8824h,5%NaOH
    No bubble,peeling and color changePassed
    This product has low temperature baking property(90℃-110℃),good adhesion,flexibility,excellent gloss and storage stability in the presence of acid catalyst.
    Ordinary hardware colored paint,aluminum paint,and electroplating varnish
    Storage and package
    (1) This product is stored in sealed containers in a cool and well-ventilated place away from heat and fire.
    (2) Shelf life:12 months.
    200 kg/pail
    This resin is produced from special monomer.Please do storage experiment(this resin is cured at low temperature without acid catalyst).
    This product contains solvent,and therefore must be protected very well.Handle it carefully to avoid skin and eye contact.For other details,please refer to MSDS.
    Other Product:
    Volatile(%)Viscosity Pa.s/25℃ Outstanding Properties Application fields
    SE3466H48±215-25High gloss、good film builds、flexibility、adhesion、excellent alkaline cleaningHardware colored paint,glass baking paint、 alkali soluble baking paint、 insulation varnish
    SE365060±210-15Gloss、hardness、poaching resistance、gasoline resistanceHardware paint、Nonferrous metallic paint、stainless steel as bottom material superior
    SE365160±23-6High gloss、high hardness、excellent solvent resistance、salt spray resistance.Metal paint of high chemical resistance
    SE365460±23.5-7Gloss、 hardness、poaching resistance、gasoline resistanceBardware paint、glass paint、engine paint
    SE365960±23.5-7High gloss、quick-drying、hardness、chemical resistance and alcohol resistance
    SE365760±25.0-9.0Quick-drying、hardness、gloss、chemical resistance and alcohol resistance
    SE364060±25.0-8.0High gloss,flexibility、recoatability、superior silver powder distribution and orientation、boiling resistanceBaking paintof UV base coat 、rubber oil base coat 、Metal aluminum powder paint、hardware solid bakingpaint
    SE3646E60±22.5-4.5high gloss,flexibility,recoating good. Metal colored paint and varnish paint
    SE3654H60±210-15High gloss,good film builds、flexibility、adhesion、boiling resistance、 the screen print superiorhardware paint、glass paint、printing ink、lighographed sheet ink
    SE361160±212-25High gloss, high hardness,solvent resistance 、salt fog resistance are superior、boiling resistance
    SE365860±23.5-7High gloss,good film builds、adaptability of print and silk-screen、adhesion of hardware and glass superior 、water resistance superior
    SE353855±22.0-5.0hardness, aluminium orientation, weathering resistanceAluminum powder baking paint、golden powder baking paint
    SE364260±23.5-7Compactibility、 gloss and hardness、 low temperature bakingColored metal and electroplate varnish、 glass paint
    SE379070±2 6.0-9.0High gloss、flexibility、adhesion 、chemical resistance
    SE366860±22.0-5.0Low temperature (90℃)baking、adhesion、Flexibility、good recoating、chemical resistance、high temperature baking resistanceOrdinary hardware colored paint、 hard adhering metal paint、electroplate varnish
    SE3747H75±24.0-8.0high gloss、flexibility、recoating good metal colored paint and varnish paint
    SE3747L70±2 0.8-1.2High gloss、flexibility、recoating good、the high solid construction content
    SE374770±2 3.0-6.0High gloss、flexibility、recoating good
    SE386580±215-25High gloss、A high solid、flexibility、leveling、recoating superiorHardware baking paint、paint for automobile wheel hub 、 high-end bicycle paint
    Packing Details:
    1. Are you manufacture factory or trading company?
    A: We are manufacture factory. We also have our own trading company for exporting. And you are welcomed to visit us for inspection. Our workshop and the quality control flow will show you our professional.
    2. Can you supply samples for test?
    A: Yes, we can supply samples for free, and you just need to pay for the shipping cost.
    3. What is your MOQ?
    A: Our MOQ is 1000 kg. and we accept mixed order.
    4.Can you supply OEM service?
    A: Yes, we can.
    5. What is your payment?
    A:30% deposit, 70% T/T after shipping or L/C at sightspray paint buy