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    Carrousel Machine (three arms 5 station rotomoulding machine)
    3 arm 5 station rotomoulding machine consists of 1 set of intelligent control system, 3 carts that walking around the center tower with rotary arms, 1 set of cooling system, 1 work station. It has 2 work stations, 1 heating work station. It can be designed and manufactured into 3 arm 4 station rotomoulding machine or 4 arm 6 station rotomoulding machine according to customer’s needs.
    1.3 arms can act independently,so the efficiency is higher
    2.Can carry 3~4 arms, so production of products more convenient and efficient
    processing Three or four arms do Carrousel product
    Remark The largest size of the plastic product
    Controller Independent setting of rotational speed
    Throughput About 30minutes
    Fuel Natural/gas/diesel/wood pellets
    product cycle 60 days
    installation period 7 days
    heating rate 7 minutes heated to 280 degrees
    model Oven size Installed capacity Rotation speed A B H
    TY-2500DL Φ2500 25.4KW From 1 to 10 11200 11000 3300
    TY-3000DL Φ3000 34.85KW From 1 to 10 12400 12000 3900
    TY-3500DL Φ3500 43.75KW From 1 to 10 14100 13900 4440
    Product results

    Product case diagram
    Should the product caters to your requirement, welcome to wholesale the rotomoulding machine used for making plastic car base or car shell or automobile tail box or fender or washing machine from our factory. As one of the leading such manufacturers and suppliers in China, we can assure you of the high quality and good performance of our equipment made in China
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