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    Paint Mist Separator System, Flame-retardant Carton Mist Filter
    Used widely in:
    1. Automotive and suppliers
    2. Motorbikes and suppliers
    3. Trucks and busses as well as their suppliers
    4. All plant manufacturer of plants
    The benefits Of LX FILTERS
    Economical, flexible and efficient, high-class and environment friendly too.
    1. Flexibility
    Easy conversion of existing systems; can be used for all surface materials; the system can be expanded and extended; wide range of variants of the LX secondary filter systems.
    2. Economy
    The changeover from wet to dry coating reduces the costs of painting by many times as a result of circulating air mode:
    ➀ Use of water for over-spray separation is dispensed with
    ➁ Expensive paint sludge disposal as special waste is omitted
    ➂ No need to clean up paint contaminants in Wastewater
    ➃ Use of chemicals (coagulation agents, de-foaming agents
    and bactericides, etc.) is dispensed with
    ➄ Corrosion of spray booth equipment is reduced
    ➅ Maintenance costs are avoided without pump equipment
    ➆ Costs of cleaning the plant are reduced
    ➇ Economical supply and storage by disassembled boxes
    3. Efficiency
    Absorption capacity up to 100 kg/m2 and more depending on material in use, degree of separation → 97% with proper application and LX secondary filtering
    4. Sustainability
    Low-cost disposal of the dried paint (e. g. in the incineration plant), with no chemicals required
    5. Ergonomic
    The noise level in the coating zone is reduced to a value between 15 and 20 dB; no odours
    No odor in manual operation area.
    6. Flame-retardant Carton Mist Filter
    The LX system is based on a handy cube – produced from naturally growing raw material, corrugated cardboard. Flexible in handling and easy to upgrade, LX has a high absorption capacity and is cost-effective in disposal as in most cases the boxes can be disposed of in incineration plants.Customized Overspray Paint Mist Filter