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    NVM1LE Earth-Leakage Circuit Breaker
    Standard: IEC 60947-2
    The ELCB is used to protect the circuit from the electrical leakage. When someone gets an electric shock, then this circuit breaker cuts off the power at the time of 0.1 secs for protecting the personal safety and avoiding the gear from the circuit against short circuit and overload.
    ELCB is a security device used in electrical system with high Earth impedance to avoid shock. It notices small stray voltages on the metal fields of electrical gear, and interrupt the circuit if an unsafe voltage is detected. The main principle of Earth leakage protectors is to stop injury to humans and nature due to electric shock.
    This circuit breaker is a specialized kind of latching relay that has structures incoming mains power connected through its switching contacts so that this circuit breaker disconnects the power supply in an unsafe condition.
    The ELCB notices fault currents from live to the ground wire inside the installation it guards. If enough voltage emerges across the sense coil in the circuit breaker, it will turn off the supply, and stay off until reset by hand. A voltage-sensing earth leakage circuit breaker doesn’t detect fault currents from exist to any other ground body.
    Constructional features
    Thermamagnetic release offers instantaneous trip against short-circuit and long time delay trip against overcurrent.
    The residual operating current protection can be with time-delay or without time-delay.
    Various accessories can be attached to the circuit breaker to extend its functions, such as undervoltage release, shunt release, ON/OFF position indication contact, and tripped position indication contact, for detail see the position indication contact, for detail see the accessories part.Moulded Circuit Breaker