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    Product Description:
    Made from sturdy and lightweight plastic, plastic non slip fast food tray ensures years of use. As a combination of practicality and versatility, this kind of fast food tray is a necessity for any food service organization, whether it is a restaurant or a fast food restaurant, a school or a cafeteria. With a lightweight construction, these trays are ideal for children and adults. The textured surface reduces the sliding of food and drinks, while the plastic material is durable and flexible, and can withstand the rigors of commercial use. Its rectangular surface makes it ideal for a wide range of foods with ease. Our trays are available in black and brown and in a choice of 10 sizes.
    Product namePlastic Non Slip Fast Food Tray
    Item No.A9-220, A9-221, A9-222, A9-223, A9-224, A9-225, A9-226, A9-227, A9-228, A9-229
    ColorBlack, brown
    OriginZhejiang, China
    LogoThermal transfer/screen printing
    Payment T/T or L/C
    Size details:
    Item No.Weight(g)Size(cm)Color
    Not suitable for dishwasher use.
    Resistant to staining, scratching and chipping.
    A permanently bonded rubber pad on the tray.
    The textured surface reduces slippage and helps prevent accidental spills.
    Lightweight, traditional scratch-resistant basket weave design to ensure a non-slip surface.
    It can be used in restaurants, picnics, weddings, buffets, food shops, home, cafeterias for serving fruits, breads, drinks, etc.
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