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    Alright so you’ve finally moved the pivotal step – you did your measurable surveying on the best quality hair extensions, assortment matched immaculately, and by and by you’ve finally placed assets into a magnificent game plan of human hair extensions, kindness of your new most loved hair extension brand, Well Hair (clearly)!

    Since you have the hair – you can focus in on culminating your foundation cycle so you can achieve a steady, typical look everytime you choose to wear your clip in extensions!

    Whether you have gone for our ‘Megababe’ ten piece extension set for most outrageous volume, or you have picked our Brilliance multiway weft, the course of foundation is essentially something basically the same! Whenever you’ve dominated it, you’ll be gone to turning into a clip in star!

    Brush your own hair and extensions before foundation to ensure there are no bundles or tangles. Contingent upon the style you are going for, you ought to add a couple of waves or fix your hair to match the best surface of your extensions.

    Separate all the hair wefts that you are utilizing beginning with the smallest ones with the less clips and the best with the most clips. While introducing your extensions, it is more straightforward to begin at the mess of your neck and subsequently work your course upwards. By isolating them it will help you with seeing which one to pick.

    With our C-through clips on our hair extensions, they have been arranged so that any sewing isn’t perceptible! Make certain to manage them with care during foundation and bring down as squeezing or pulling can hurt.

    Beginning with the smallest weft, region off the lower part of your hair (mess of your neck) and clip away the remainder of your hair up. Check the level part that you made in the mirror to ensure that it is even. Any strands of hair interfering with it could get on the brush and feel abnormal. Check out best hair extensions online.

    Continue with this cycle continuously working upwards, guaranteeing all of the clips are flush to your head and feeling alright with no pulling or strain. Use a rat tail brush to help you with getting the best splitting fragment.

    Our two clip wefts are ideally suited for adding volume and length to the front of the head! Resolve what is generally anticipated to achieve your optimal look!

    At the point when you have added all of the wefts, do a truly investigate your whole head to guarantee that no wefts are evident. Give your head a fragile shake and check whether there are any recognizable openings.

    To finish – you are permitted to style your extensions in anyway you pick, basically make certain to use an intensity protectant and avoid the extreme focus setting!