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    Armored fiber optic patch cables are used in harsh environment; they are designed with special structure to give extra protection to the cable. We have armored fiber optic patch cables for both indoor and outdoor applications. For outdoor armored fiber patch cables, please refer to the waterproof fiber cables, in this passage we are talking about armored fiber optic cables used for indoor applications.
    Product Specs:
    Fiber Color Code:
    – Jacket material: OFNR, LSZH , OFNP
    – Fiber patch cord structure: Simplex, Duplex, Bunch type, Ribbon type.
    – Connectors: 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
    – Compatible with ROHS
    – Optic-fiber CATV
    – Test equipment
    – Optic-fiber sensors
    – Optic-fiber communication systems
    – Optic-fiber data communications
    – Optic-fiber access networks
    Packing and Shipping:
    All the products are packed with plastic bag and paper carton.
    Production Process:
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