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    Application Range:
    Tilting jacketed kettle is widely used in the processing of candy, dairy, wine, beverage, canned foodstuff etc. It is also used as cooking equipment in restaurants and mess halls.
    Advantages and Type:
    It is a perfect equipment of improving quality, shorting working time and improving working condition in the food processing industries.* Tilting type, vertical type, agitating type, steam heating type, electrical heating types are available.
    ● Material: 304/316L
    ● Capacity: As customer’s requirement
    ● Stands with a half boiler body
    ● Type: Tilting or vertical
    ● Heating method: Electrical , Steam or Gas
    ● Sdouble-layers
    ● Temperature gauge
    ● Top mixer
    ● Frame blade with PTFE Scrape
    Detailed Im
    Tilting bracket made of stainless steel 304
    The semi-circular design of the discharge port makes it easy to dump all the materials.
    Polished without dead ends
    Rotating device comes standard with cast iron monolithic worm gear
    Internal waterproof packaging
    Double-layer packaging, bracket fixed anti-collisionJacketed Cooking Kettle suppliers