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    On-load Tap-Changer
    A tap-changer is a mechanism in transformers which allows for variable turn ratios to be selected in discrete steps. Transformers with this mechanism obtain this variable turn ratio by connecting to a number of access points known as taps along either the primary or secondary winding. These systems usually possess 33 taps (one at center “Rated” tap and sixteen to increase and decrease the turn ratio) and allow for ±10% variation (each step providing 0.625% variation) from the nominal transformer rating which, in turn, allows for stepped voltage regulation of the output.
    The uniformly designed transformer oil filter on load tap changer has got the advantages of advanced structure. Oil filter on load tap selector has reliable operation, long service life and convenient maintain etc. these transformer tap-changers are applying to such oil-immersed power transformer of 50Hz, under 35KV rated voltage and 400A rated current.
    Online oil filter function will extend the service life and maintenance time of tap changer.
    Liaoning Jinli Electric Power Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd was founded in 1986. It is one of the leading companies that specialized in producing transformer accessories, such as off circuit tap changer, on load tap changer, temperature controller, pressure release valve etc. It well sells at Chinese domestic and abroad market such as Australia、New Zealand、Canada、Indonesia Peru and so on.
    After more than 30 years development, the company has been strong in technical resource, and has accumulated rich experience of systematic design and practice and also established integrated product series.
    Model Explanation
    SY□Z(Z) – □/□-□L
    S : three-phase
    Y : on load
    □: voltage connection model
    Z : adopting resistance transit
    Z : direct switch
    □: rated current
    □: rated voltage
    □: number of voltage regulation grades
    L : online oil filter
    Main Technical Data
    Application Scope Oil-immersed Distribution Transformer
    Connection Model SYXZZ : three phase Y connection neutral point linear
    voltage regulation
    SYJZZ : three phase central point bridge voltage regulation
    SYTZZ : three phase any connection linear voltage regulation
    Three-phase Max. Rated Current 400A
    Max.Rated Voltage 600V
    Max.Voltage of Device Um 40.5KV
    Max.Tap Positions 17 or others
    Connection Model Shows as Following
    (Y connection neutral point)(Y connection neutral point with lead wire)(Y connection central bridge point)
    (D connection central bridge point)(D connection terminal point)(Auto type terminal point)
    Sample Outline Dimension Diagram

    Sample Model Parameters
    Serial numberModel No.(A)
    voltageInstallation dimension(mm)
    1SYXZZ 50/10 -3~5501061530512060M8
    2SYXZZ 100/10-5~91001068235012566M8
    3SYJZZ 100/10-5~710010750440125100M8
    4SYJZZ 200/35-5~9200351500190170715M12
    5SYJZZ 300/35-5~9300351500190170715M14
    6SYJZZ 400/35-5~9400351700220235910M16Tap Changer